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TASCO Extended Distributor Responsibility Program

Globally, an estimated one billion tires reach the end of their useful lives every year and, in the Philippines with almost 10 million registered vehicles, about 10 million end-of- life tires are generated yearly. On an average, tires can only last for 2 to 4 years and the country is faced with great environment and health risks most especially that ELT recovery rate in the Philippines is not regulated and established as compared with Europe, US and Japan with 84 – 90% recovery rate. Being improperly managed and regulated, discarded tires normally wind up being scatter everywhere clogging our creeks and drainage system or inefficiently piled up in landfills where they occupy a lot of space due to their size, trapping harmful gases like methane and offering a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes. With this situation in mind, TASCO, Inc. launched 1st TASCO Tire Art Contest which provides an opportunity for talented artists to receive recognition for their works thus promoting its Extended Producer-Distributor Responsibility Program. 1st TASCO Tire Art Contest promotes an increased awareness of the possibilities of recycling and upcycling. Entries must be made from used tires that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled. It makes sense to reuse products and to reduce consumption altogether, as well as to improve initial product design. This initiative exudes a great amount of creativity and innovation. Creativity can go a long way for the winners whose trash can become a treasure. Through the Tire Art Contest, TASCO encourages everyone to think of productive ways to re-use and upcycle end-of- life tires and today, with the larger-than- ever global community of artists, there are countless competitions possible, and they all bring out countless benefits. From small to big competitions whether it’s a recycling or an art contest or both, these opportunities provide artists of all backgrounds great exposure and a myriad of possibilities. In the past year, TASCO has also decided to take steps to help protect the environment by giving away free garbage bins made of used tires for the consumption of the communities. The advocacy is to recycle and upcycle end-of- life tires or ELTs to promote Extended Supplier Responsibility. A tire is considered at the end of its life when it can no longer be used on vehicles and all tires including passenger car, truck, aircraft, two-wheel and off-road tires result in ELTs. However, the bulk of ELTs result from car and truck tires. Early this year, the first batch of trash bins was distributed to more than 50 barangays and institutions in Metro Manila with special focus to flood-prone communities and those living near the esteros (rivers/canals) to help prevent these drainage systems from being used as a garbage dump. This initiative gives precedence to the communities and other business organizations that end-of- life tires, or ELTs have a variety of uses as they are increasingly being viewed as a resource instead of a waste. Any organization sharing the same advocacy may reach through TASCO’s website and Facebook Page ( and tascoph) so production and distribution of trash bins may be sponsored.

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