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About Us



TASCO, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned company established in 1993 to serve the needs of the motor-vehicle users. Tasco, Inc. operates in the entire island of Luzon and has affiliates that operate in Visayas and Mindanao.

Presently, TASCO is a major player in the business of tire distribution in the country.Its brand portfolio includes MRF, Alliance, Boto, Winda, Lanvigator, Maorun, Mizzle, and DRC.


TASCO, Inc. envisions itself to be the most preferred and admired supplier of tires in the country.


Grow profitably by providing high-performing products and expanding our market reach.

Excel in customer satisfaction through unparalleled leadership in the quality of every product and service we offer.

Hire, develop and retain talents providing opportunities for professional and personal growth in a healthy environment where everyone is inspired to be the best he can be.

Improve constantly and forever the systems through Total Quality Management.



People Development


• We value and develop our people by expanding their abilities and skills.

• Team heads are mandated to coach and mentor them to greater capacity.

• We encourage learning and help each one push their personal limits.

• The company shall strive to provide the resources and the environment where the worker can be the best that he can be. 

• We therefore get, grow and keep top talent.




• We commit to maximize the resources entrusted to us in order to deliver positive returns.

• We aspire to be wise and faithful trustees of our company's time, finances and possessions.

•  We also focus on our responsibility to our customers, community and the environment.

• We would like to share the gifts, talents and resources that God has given us to the weakest sector (the special needs population) and also take responsibility in protecting the environment.




• Our employees aspire to continuously improve as performance is managed consistently in order to attain outstanding financial results.

• Vigilant attention is given to identify any changes as rewards and  risks are assessed.  

• Each one makes himself  accountable with his own personal mission at work. 

•  We strive to accomplish our own micro-goals in order to contribute in executing the organization's strategic goals.


•  We actively participate in the company's thrust to leverage new technologies e.g., digital  platforms and information systems, to build differentiation, create value and brand positioning.


Passion for Excellence


•  We believe in quality in everything that we do. We work to satisfy and delight the customer.

•  We strive to create value for our customers thru our intimate knowledge of them.

• We have to be consistent in providing high-quality of work and excellent service at all times.  

• Our actions are quick responses that constantly improve customer's experience as gleaned from our understanding  of customer's needs.

• Excellence is when our organization achieves and sustains a level of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of all the stakeholders.



• We know that to be a successful company, we must work together, frequently transcending organizational boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers.

• We want all of our colleagues to contribute to the best of their abilities, individually and in teams.

• Teamwork improves the quality of decisions and increases the likelihood of success.

• Teamwork sustains the spirit of enthusiasm, pride and passion for our business, enabling us to continually learn and grow as individuals and as a corporation.

• We listen to the concerns of our colleagues and appropriately respond to their calls for help.

Customer Testimonials

Good and supportive. - Loida C.

TASCO has trusted brands of tires. - Alona

Quality service and tire brands. - Bong F.

High performing brand. - Mary R.

Good partner. - Ramon

Quality tires. - Bonifacio

Good quality tires. - Oliver

Quality service and products. - Roel

Pricey but the quality is great. Agents and

company staff are good. - Juan Carlos A.

TASCO is a trusted business partner

with quality brand in the market. - Ana Luisa C.


Budget friendly line up of tires. - Christina

TASCO is a trusted business partner.  - Mark Y.

TASCO is one of our top suppliers that cater

us with high quality service and has very

accommodating staff. - Analie M.

Good business partner. - Joel L.

The product is great and staff 

are very accommodating. - Airand Gail S.

You have an honest and friendly

Sales Representative. - Rey

TASCO has good quality tires. - Jenny Cristina L.

TASCO is a good business partner. 

You have the best services. - Francisco L.

TASCO has a good quality motorcycle

tire - Mizzle. - Mary Jane A.

Quality tire brand. - James

Competitive tire brand for motorcycle. - Ronald

TASCO has a good customer service. - Nenita C.

Good partner. - Rolly

Competitive pricing of tires. - Roland

TASCO delivers high quality products and

good customer care service. - Juan Carlos A.

Accommodating office employees. - Christina P.

Good quality tires. - Jenny

Accommodating Sales Agent. - Rod

Although MRF is quite expensive, its quality

is very excellent. Worth the price! - Art

Best quality service. 

Keep up the good work. -Robert

You are one of the best tire distributors. - Sonny

Sure quality and incomparable tires (MRF tyres).

They cater all that we need, to high quality

and affordable tires. - Khris

Friendly Sales Representatives. - Edelyn

Quality service. Accommodating staff.  - Aida

TASCO has variety of quality tires.

More power!  - Isabel C.

TASCO delivers the most popular

and well trusted tires like MRF

in the business. - Agnes D.T.


The price of tire is all worth it

and the company is highly trusted.

Complaint of customers are

well entertained. - Luisito M.

Accounts Management is exemplary. - Paul L. 


Long time and reliable business partner. - Michael K.


Kind sales agents. - Millete M.

TASCO carries a trusted  brand - MRF tires.

Great products. - Ron C.

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