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A healthy environment where everyone is inspired to be

the best he can be!


500 Years of Christianity Recognition: Caritas Manila


Taking On Disability and Breaking Chains.


When TASCO Inc. celebrated its 25th year anniversary, we embarked on a mission of giving back to orphanages caring for children with special needs and to institutions providing rehabilitation services.

Philippine Cerebral Palsy

121 Sacred Heart St, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila

Elsie Gaches

Alabang-Zapote Road; Muntinlupa City

Servants of Charity

Quezon City, Metro Manila

A Christmas Denim Party

DECEMBER | 2019  #timelessandforever

Celebrating the festive Season. Merry Christmas from Tasco Inc.

TASCO Inc’s Spook and Tell

OCTOBER | 2019

When TASCO Inc employees share their scariest stories while dressed up in their scariest attire.

TASCO Inc cares for the environment.


TASCO, Inc., handed over the trash bins in a ceremony held at the Quezon City Hall last October 7, 2019. Honorable Mayor Joy Belmonte and Vice Mayor Gian Sotto and members of the city council were present to witness the turnover of the trash bins which will be distributed to different public schools in Quezon City, Philippines.

Summer Outing and Team Building

JUNE | 2019

Employees are the heart of TASCO Inc, and investing in team building exercises enhances each employee’s role and function.


 Here at TASCO Inc, we believe that our business will be productive when each member of the organization is happy.


MARCH | 2019

Tasco Inc participates in the 13th Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show held last March 22-24 2019 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.


Pearl Joy L. Tablatin

 Executive Assistant

 Employee of the         Year 

 2008 & 2010

PJT Website 2.JPG

"I was impressed by its Mission, and that motivates me to stay at TASCO. My relationship with my fellow employees is  great – we have a comfortable working environment and I always feel the true spirit of team work. The Management always finds resources on how to unleash its employees’ potential.  They give us the opportunity

to learn and expand our knowledge.

TASCO inspires  us to be more productive, and most importantly, to be the best that we can be. Aside from TASCO’s numerous benefits, recognition is often given to deserving employees.  It is also good to know that TASCO makes an effort to keep our planet a great place to live in, and I am fortunate and proud to be part of a company that cares about the environment thru its Extended Distributor Responsibility program of Recycling and Upcycling End-of-Life Tires for the consumption of the community."

Valentines 2019


A Silver Christmas


Extending the celebration of Tasco's Silver Anniversary to Christmas.

Tasco's Silver Anniversary


TASCO's 25 years of non-stop service.

A Boo-tiful Halloween

OCTOBER | 2018

What can you do on a Boo-tiful October? In Tasco, Inc., we want our employees not to be limited to work – but also to be exposed with different activities that bring us together. We make sure these will entail to show each department’s teamwork, creativity and brainz!

A Boo-tiful Halloween enhanced engagement as they had to look for an instragrammable spot and turn it into themes they picked! We’ve seen them show us superpowers with the Avengers vs. Justice League, the artsy cartoons of Hotel Transylvania, the world full of Disney, the mighty army of Star Wars, and the eerie Demogorgon of Stranger Things! With the limited time they had, they still managed to make it look like an actual exhibit!

Congratulations to the winning team, Executive Office, Accounting, and Internal Audit! All did a wonderful job in showcasing one’s talents and skills. With that, Tasco Inc. listens to its people thru planning, strategizing and executing one’s talent.

Dice Game Mooncake Festival


We thought of something else that we haven’t done – which is the Mooncake Dice Game. All were curious, as this was something new. How can you win by just rock and roll?

Everyone lined up excitedly as they approached the bowl as they hope to get the winning combinations of the dice to get a prize. To some on their dismay, the lucky moon didn’t shine, and had to keep trying until they win. And to Ms. Jeralyn Dela Cruz, Congratulations for the lucky moon was on her side!

In TASCO Inc., it matters that we are not only colleagues, but we also build friendships. These small get-togethers may be simple, but it’s a matter of bonding and having fun! After all, what helps build a great company would be the relationships built inside the office.

TASCO Team Building Shercon Resort

JULY, 2017

Stronger bonds, better relationship across all departments of TASCO was built in the Team Building as they work together to be a better individual and a finer member of the Company. This is what makes champions in every ones hearts.

Zumba: Dance Your Way To Top-Quality Work

JUNE 10, 2016 (Friday)

Physical Fitness forms part of Tasco’s Employee Health and Wellness Program. Every week employees look forward to the regular Zumba Session every Friday with professional instructors.

This way of life in Tasco is based on recent studies that healthy people are most likely productive people too. According to Joshua Love, president of Kinema Fitness, a national corporate wellness company located in Los Angeles, California, “no company can be successful without paying attention to the well-being of the people – and people can’t be successful without feeling good every day.”

Furthermore, Physical Fitness is in line with Tasco’s commitment to live up to “Productivity” which is one of the Corporate Values we want to effect within the organization.

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