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Shell Premium Oil

and Lubricant

Shell Helix Ultra E

Cleaner engines can operate more efficiently. Efficient engines are likely to deliver more power and have lower fuel consumption.

Soot and sludge can build up in diesel engines, which reduces engine performance and prevents the oil from protecting the engine components. In tests at an independent laboratory, Shell Helix Diesel HX3 K oil removed the sludge from a diesel engine. The engine was run with a mineral motor oil for a typical oil-change interval (125 hours), and sludge built up. The oil was then replaced with Shell Helix Diesel HX3 K, and the engine was run again for a similar period.

An immediate clean-up effect was seen with Shell Helix Diesel HX3 K, and, although it contained soot from the previous oil, the Shell Helix Diesel HX3 K was able to reduce the rate of soot deposit build-up by up to five times compared with the original oil.

The outstanding cleansing power and shear and oxidation stability of Shell Helix Ultra E mean that it goes on delivering its benefits fully synthetic motor oil for improved engine efficiency

Shell Advance Ultra

Designed to provide Shell's ultimate performance for all 4-stroke modern motorcycles. Shell Advance Ultra provides Shell’s ultimate protection and performance for all modern motorcycles, whatever their engine size. It delivers excellent control with smooth gear changes, and a more enjoyable ride thanks to reduced noise and vibration. Its fully synthetic technology helps to prolong the life of your engine.

Shell Rimula R4 X

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Shell Rimula R4 X contains selescted additives that are designed to provide Triple Protection to improve engine and oil durability in 3 critical areas: Acid and Corrosion Control, Reduced Engine Wear and Deposit Control. It helps to lower maintenance and increase reliability of vehicles. It is suitable for most heavy-duty diesel engines, non-turbocharged and turbocharged alike, for on and off highway applications and has a wide array of engine manufacturer’s approvals.

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