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  • Latest technology carcass geometry and materials for enhanced damage resistance, durability and loading capacity.

  • Premium Zigzag design promotes soft soil mobility.

  • Offset block shoulder design with SILICA compound promotes good traction and abrasion resistance.


7.00R16/5.50F          11R22.5/8.25

7.50R16/6.00G          12R22.5/9.00

8.25R16/6.50H          13R22.5/9.75

8.25R20/6.50             11R24.5/8.25

9.00R20/7.00            12.00R24/8.5

10.00R20/7.50          12.00R24/8.50

11.00R20/8.00          315/80R22.5/9.00

12.00R20/8.50          295/80R22.5/9.00

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