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ALL 225

Available Sizes

ALL   9.00-20-14PR (CF)
ALL 10.00-20-14PR (CF)
ALL 10.00-20-16PR   (C)
ALL 12.50-20-12PR   (C)

Alliance 225 tire for industrial use in the Philippines imported by Tasco | Tires Philippines

Design is a wide - based tyre for multipurpose trucks used for on-highway, off-the-road and agricultural services. The tread pattern is designed for self-cleaning as well as for smooth on-the-road driving. The diagonal lug design of the tyre provides best traction in all services, terrain and weather conditions. This also improves resistance to side slip. The wide - based design provides high flotation properties and permits low inflation pressure. For free rolling on-the-road service, it is recommended to mount tyres in opposite direction than usual, for the best mileage.

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